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Party Time!

  •  NON PAINTING GUESTS Unfortunately, we do not have the room for non painting guests.  It is better that you tell them that  painting is required.

  • NO SHOWS IN YOUR GROUP.  When a reservation is made, we need to keep that table clear for up to 1 1/2 prior to your reservation.  When you reserve for 8 and only 5 come,  the deposit will cover the 3 no shows that we had held seating for. 

  • EXTRA FOOD.  Bringing a banquet of food is fine as long as we are prepared for it.  It costs us more to give you more table space. So we charge more.

  •  Kids birthday parties are allowed 2 non painting adults.  We encountered the majority of parties had so many extra adults that staff could barely get to the tables.

Whether it's a work party or a baby shower, we want to help you celebrate your special event!


Bring your friends and enjoy painting pottery while sipping on your drinks and the snacks that you bring.


All Adult Events/Parties are scheduled for a 2 hour time slot. Availability and total number of guests allowed varies by studio location. 

Minimum pottery purchase is $25 per person.

Call the studio in advance to reserve space for your event, we do not take reservations online. Adult party pricing and policies are listed below.

  • If you wish to bring food to your event (I.E. Pizza, sandwiches, fruit/vegetable trays, cheese and crackers, etc) then we charge a $125 party fee. We will give you the use of an extra table (measuring approx. 29"x47") and will take care of trash disposal. You must provide your own plates, silverware, serving utensils, etc.

  • If you wish to arrive up to 30 minutes prior to your party to decorate with your own decorations- $50 fee. (You may arrive 10 minutes early to bring table top decor or marketing collateral at no additional charge.) Confetti, Glitter, and noise makers of any kind are not permitted in our studios.

  • Extending the party time beyond the 2 hour time slot- $25 per additional half hour

  • Additional guests to attend that are not painting- $20 per person sitting fee. (Each guest attending the event is required to paint a minimum $25 pottery piece. If one of the guests chooses a lesser priced item, they will still be charged $25 for that item in order to reach this minimum. Any guest who does not paint an item will be subject to the $20 sitting fee.) 


  • A DEPOSIT is to be collected upon scheduling any party/event. Your reservation is not confirmed until you have paid your deposit.

  • The deposit is $25 X the number of painters you are reserving. 

  • This Deposit will go onto a Gift Card, and will go towards the pottery you paint and/or the addition of any party add-ons listed above.  


  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  We require 48 hours notice for any cancellations or date changes. The reservation may be rescheduled within 30 days to have all deposits and fees paid transferred over to the new date. If you choose not to reschedule, the Deposit gift card that was paid for at the time of booking is the customers to keep and can be used for purchases at any of our locations at a later date. The gift card must be picked up from the studio within one week or the gift card will be voided and the amount paid forfeit. 


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